Czech Bohemian glass

Crystal from the Czech Republic, which is made from Bohemian glass, is a beautiful and practical gift. Products made of this material are characterized by strength and perfect transparency. As before, Bohemian glass products are expensive. True connoisseurs of such crystal believe that this is a great way to invest. On the site you can find a large selection of Czech glass

What is Bohemian glass-is it crystal or not?

Masters call their products crystal because of the high content of lead, which is naturally found in the form of the mineral cerussite. 6% of this material is added, which makes the glass several times stronger than normal glass.

Production was started in the first half of the XVII century, when a new form of glass production was found.

This material and its products were made in the Czech Republic by accident, in order to cope with the fragility of Italian glass. In the Czech Republic, the ash of a beech tree was added to the silicon oxide, which is called quartz. In fact, ash is a carbonate that gives the glass colorlessness, excellent light refraction and sparkle. Cerussite or lead oxide was also added to the material, which made Bohemian glass several times harder than citrines, rock crystal and amethyst. The lead weighed down the crystal.

Glass got its name from one of the historical regions of the Czech Republic, which was called Bohemia.

It was expensive to use natural material, so the Czechs managed to create an excellent artificial analogue. However, only rich people could afford products made of Bohemian glass, as the material was expensive, as was working with it. At the court of the Emperor Rudolf II, the jeweler Kaspar Lehman worked, who used ancient Roman technology for carving. It made it possible to turn Bohemian glass into a diamond, improve its properties and make it a priceless creation.

By color, the glass is divided into colorless and colored, which is made with the use of a color coating. The layers of ordinary crystal and the colored layer combine at very high temperatures.

In addition, Bohemian glass can be different and ordinary. They send abroad mostly carved Bohemian products that have chipped on the upper layers, and the rest is clean and transparent.

The scope of the crystal is huge. Glass is used to make dishes, lamps, pendants for chandeliers, vases, figurines, mosaics, decorations for door handles. Sometimes Bohemian glass is used to decorate streets and squares, but it is quite an expensive material. They create huge statues made of crystal. It is often used in jewelry, including in the manufacture of Swarovski crystals, cabochons, where platinum, silver and gold are inserted. Often used in the creation of accessories, costume jewelry and wedding jewelry.